8FT Wind Mill Yard Garden Decoration Metal Ornament

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The addition of a new gorgeous windmill to your lawn or garden will be greatly beneficial. It's made of durable steel and has a four-legged design for stability and security. It is used to estimate wind speed and direction, as well as being a charming adornment. Thanks to roller bearings, the wheel spins smoothly and softly with the wind.
There is minor assembly necessary, and it is entirely driven by wind. No batteries or electrical outlets are required. Its weather-resistant build ensures that it will survive throughout the season. Set up this charming windmill to provide a finishing touch to your lawn or gardens.

Our windmill is simple to put together. Windmills may be installed fast and simply if you follow the straightforward installation instructions. Windmills employ a turning wheel to indicate the wind's intensity, and wind vanes can indicate the wind's direction.

Windmills are powered by the wind and do not require batteries or outlets to function. Our windmill allows you to live a healthy and environmentally responsible lifestyle. Windmills that don't make any noise will add to the beauty of your landscape. Metal Windmill 8FT Garden Yard Windmill

This Windmill Is Constructed of Heavy Gauge Steel With Four Metal Ground Stakes For Safety. This high-quality windmill can greatly aid you in predicting wind direction and speed. Windmills are supported in heavy winds by a unique ground anchorage system with bolted legs.

The windmills are built of corrosion-resistant and rust-proof steel. The four-legged windmill is tough and long-lasting, and it will be constructed throughout the season. Windmill roller bearing sealed design is simple to spin and maintain.

This windmill is a popular addition to any yard or garden. A trendy windmill will look great as an outdoor ornament. It's not just a fantastic windmill with excellent performance.

Color: Silver Red
Material: Iron
Dimension: (26 x 26 x 96)" / (65 x 65 x 244)cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 20.5lbs / 9.3kg

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