Waterproof Hand held Pin Pointer Wand Metal Detector

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This metal detector pinpointer is an upgraded version made of IP66 waterproof materials and equipped with the most recent DSP chip. It has a high sensitivity, 360° side sweep, and tip probe for rapid and precise object location. When the light is insufficient, it is equipped with a high-brightness LED light that may be utilized as a lighting aid. For their adventurous journey, this will be an excellent tool for adults or children!
Simply push the power button to turn it on. The led will turn on. The buzzer sound will become louder and louder as the pinpointer gets closer and closer to the metal. It will tremble as well. Waterproof and dustproof (IP66). Metal Detector - using a waterproof detecting head, you can detect metal in water up to 0.3 feet deep.
360°scan Technology can aid in the accurate location of metal. The bar design allows you to detect metal using a hand-held metal detector by inserting it into a hole. The pinpointer's IP66 water resistance allows it to function in humid environments. It's just partly waterproof. Please do not allow water to accumulate above the led light. In the dark, led lights are really useful. It's quite convenient. There's no need to fire up the electric torch. Allow the other hand to dig.


Conventional metal detectors are one-third the weight. Plastic elastic roll belt, belt sheath, and handbag are included, making it simple to carry or hold on to avoid falling or losing. For youngsters who operate independently, there is just one button to press.

You may hold the metal detector horizontally to swiftly scan wide areas, then use precise positioning suggestions to narrow down and accurately pinpoint the target before digging. The bar probe design allows you to detect metal using a hand-held metal detector inserted into the hole.

The pin pointer aids in the precise and speedy finding of smaller objects. Furthermore, the needle pointer portion is waterproof, so you may use it to detect objects in the water (Please note that the LED lamp parts are non-waterproof).

Multiple metal vibration and audio signs are detected by audio vibrator alarms and LED lights, ensuring that you do not miss any alarms in loud surroundings. Built-in LED light makes it simple to use at night.

This metal detecting pin pointer can discover currency, gold, silver, relics, and jewelry to assist you in effortlessly finding treasures or missing metal objects whether inside, outdoors, in walls, sand, grass, or dirt, and even in high temperatures ranging from -35oF (-37oC) to 158oF (70oC).

Type: Metal Detector
Length:9 inch
Control: Power Switch
Power Supply: 9V Standard Battery( Not Included)
Color: Black, Orange

Metal Detector Pinpointer
Retractable Hanging Wire
User Manual