Double Plastic 3lb Barrel Rock Tumbler With Stone Polishing Kit

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This is ideal for polishing our rough Natural Rocks, the stone's inner colors and distinctive composition were then revealed! You can accomplish the same task with this Rock Tumbler; while it is quicker than nature, it still requires persistence and time. In 2 to 4 weeks, you should have lovely, polished stones.

Our Most Popular beach 3lb Stone Tumbler and Polisher of the highest caliber features a double barrel system with two 1.5lb barrels that have been thoroughly tested and examined for optimum performance. Complete with an instruction manual, resealable jars of grit in grades 80 and 400, and pumice powder. Each barrel weighs 1.5 pounds and has a 115mm diameter and 75mm length. Glass can also be polished in stone tumblers; detailed instructions are provided that also include how to make glass with a beach-like "frosted look." 
Difference between the single and double barrel?
Single Barrels
Maximum load in one go, but you have to wait for each stage to be completed before moving on to the next

Double Barrels
Allows you to have two separate smaller loads tumbling in unison but at different stages of the process. It also helps the barrels last longer by separating the medium. The Double Barrel machine is our most popular line since it makes tumbling much easier and quicker. A 3lb tumbling machine can take two lots of 1.5lb loads at different stages running at the same time.
Difference between the plastic and rubber barrels?
Plastic Barrels
These are standard barrels are used in the vast majority of cases. You can hear the stones turning unlike rubber barrels, this is not too noisy but we do recommend that the machine is run in a conservatory, garage, or spare/back room.

Rubber Barrels
These are premium barrels, that run much quieter, and are recommended for those who have limited space and need to run in the main room. They are also designed to last much longer than plastic barrels, and the lids are much easier to remove.


Any rough stone can be polished into gorgeous gemstones using a rock tumbler kit, which makes tumbling even more straightforward and intriguing.

Children can gather a variety of pebbles outside and use a machine for whittling them into incredibly beautiful, sharp diamonds. Children can enjoy the fulfillment of achievement while working, which helps foster their curiosity and observational skills.

It is a science education class set for all genders and ages, and it is not simply a rock tumbler for kids. Both adults and children find it to be fascinating. This is unquestionably the ideal gift for Christmas and Children's Day.

2 Belts
Bag of rough stones
4 coarse grinding
Finely ground
Final polishing
Polishing Grits
User Manual