Professional Digital Animation Drawing Sketch Pad for Artists

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If you're a creative person who enjoys dabbling in drawing or art in general, this Professional Artist Digital Sketch Pad is the product for you. With this large drawing tablet, you will have limitless design and creation options, as well as the convenience of designing on the go or whenever an inspiration strikes.

What's great about this digital art pad is that it feels just like drawing with a pen on paper when you use it because it's super responsive. A stylus pen is included in the package, allowing you to create very detailed and elaborate drawings.


LARGE SCREEN - This sketch pad has a lovely broad screen that allows you plenty of room to create incredible creations in high definition.

VERSATILITY - You can connect this digital sketch pad to a number of other devices, including mobile phones, smart TVs or laptops. You can also use it with a number of applications and software.

STYLUS PEN INCLUDED - A stylus pen is included with the sketch pad, and the great thing is you don't ever need to recharge it.

HIGHLY RESPONSIVE - This electronic drawing pad is extremely responsive when you start drawing which makes it incredibly accurate. 


1x Digital sketch pad
1x Pen
1x User manual