Pro 2 in 1 Facial Steamer & Magnifying Lamp

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A Super Clear Magnifier with Table Fixing Clamp and 2-in-1 Steamer/Magnifier Holder adds to the luxury. Reach in any direction with a 2-in-1 arm that can bend in any direction. LED Light Bulbs are brilliant as well as energy-efficient. PROTECTION FOR YOUR LENSES WITH A COVER CE approved 5 times magnification fixing with simple control Water that has been distilled or purified cannot be used. It's best to use alkaline water. Brightness, dependability, and energy savings are all advantages of LED light bulbs.
Perspiration is produced by the facial steamer, which opens pores and allows them to breathe. Pores may collect oil, filth, and debris, and this hole allows them to escape. The magnification feature is utilized to assess the client's skin and give magnification as well as glare-free light. Frequent usage can significantly enhance your skin's condition.

Notice: It is not possible to utilize distilled or purified water. Use alkaline water.  Please keep at least 20cm distance between the steamer and your face.


Premium stainless-steel pipe produces excellent steam generation, is sturdy and anti-rust, and has a long service life. It also protects the environment. ABS is a high-temperature-resistant material that does not stink like a rubber air-guide duct.

Super clear magnifier LED light with table fixing clamp and 5 times magnifying lens, which shines softly, has no chemical pollution, no glare, and will not injure your eyes, and is highly safe to use. It allows you to examine, assess, and make details obvious on your client's skin.

Facial steamer with 4-leg wheeled solid stand base that allows you to freely move throughout the salon. The flexible arm can rotate 360 degrees left and right and flip up and down 180 degrees.

Hot steam opens your pores, efficiently washing your face; utilising it on a daily basis moisturises your skin and reduces wrinkles and colored patches. It helps to oxygenate the skin and increases blood circulation.

The magnifying light is an excellent tool for medical, dental, and small-parts work. Hobbyists, jewellers, opticians, beauticians, model builders, and many others like it.

Type: Facial Steamer
Color: ‎As Pictured
Material: As pictured
Size: ‎Adjustable, Magnifying

2 in 1 Facial Steamer
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