Powerful Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker Feather Machine

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Equip your home with our powerful chicken plucker to make the process of defeathering chickens more convenient. The chicken plucker machine, which has rubber attachments all around, successfully removes feathers once the chicken has been sufficiently scalded.

The chicken plucking machine can easily remove up to 99.9% of feathers thanks to its high-powered motor. Excess feathers are loosened and easily rubbed away from the chicken skin as needed.

The chicken plucking machine's tub shape allows you to easily drop in an entire chicken. In addition, the duck plucker comes with a convenient funnel that makes it easy to dispose of feathers.


NO RUST -  Stainless Steel will not rust or corrode and can be used for many years.

VERSATILE - The duck plucker can help you prepare fowl with ease, whether you're making a roast or a stew. It can easily pluck hundreds of chickens, making it suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

COMPACT - Our chicken plucker is intended to fit on top of your kitchen counter and take up minimal space. This way, you'll always have ample counter space for other kitchen appliances.

TIDY - Unlike traditional plucking mechanisms, the chicken plucker machine makes it easy for you to dislodge the feathers so that you don't make a big mess. The large shoot releases all the feathers into one area for easier clean up.



110V voltage
180W of power
350 revolutions per minute (rpm) 3000 rotations per minute (rpm)
430 Stainless Steel is the material of choice.
Package size: 25.6"16"14.2" Machine size: 13"13"23"


1 × Plucking Machine for Chickens