Portable Evaporative Mini Desktop Cooling Fan Humidifier Cooler

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When the weather turns hot in the summer, all you can think about is how to keep your house cool. You usually don't think about your energy bill until it shows up in your mailbox. The air cooler is intended to better respond to ergonomics and is built on the foundation of prior products, so it has a wide variety of ventilation options. Three humidifiers, coolers, and air purifiers are included in this tiny air conditioning fan.
For rapid reaction and operation, use button kinds that are simple to see. To begin, fill the water tank with water and ice. After turning on the power, push the power switch to turn on the desktop fan, and then press the wind adjustment switch to change the fan's wind power. When the water in the water tank is depleted, the cold air mode will turn off and the fan will function normally. It not only keeps the room wet, but it also protects the cooling fan. The cooler may be used again after adding water.

Please Note:
When sleeping, we recommend using the first or second gear wind mode, and the third gear wind is stronger than usual, so please note that you will hear a slight sound. In addition, due to the intelligent function, when the water tank is used up, it will automatically stop the cool air mode and use it as a normal fan. After adding water, the cooler can be used again.


You don't need to buy a humidifier or air purifier with only one fan since this compact air conditioning fan includes three integrated humidifiers, coolers, and air purifiers. Not only do you save money and space, but you also get more bang for your buck! The operation is straightforward, and the air cooler is simple to use.

The noise level is 35DB even in strong mode, so you may use it without disturbing your sleep, reading, or work.

Compact size takes up no room, is very portable, easy to transport, and saves space! It may be utilized in a variety of settings, including the home, workplace, and bedroom. The provided USB cable connects simply to the USB (5v, 2A) power connector. For example, you may use it to power the fan while utilizing a power outlet, PC, adapter, or other devices.

1: Turn off the fan when it has stopped spinning, unhook the USB cord, and empty the water in the water tank.
2: Open the bottom cover of the mini air conditioner and invert it.
3: Rinse the filter with water after removing it.
(Please do not use strong water to clean the filter because it is made of soft cotton.)

Material: ABS material
Product size: about 14.5 * 14.5 * 18.2cm/5.71*5.71*7.17inch
Work rate: 6-15W
Working voltage: 2A
Input voltage: 5V
Color box size: 16 * 16 * 22cm/6.30*6.30*8.66inch

Air Cooler
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