Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna up to 200 Mile Range

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Broadcasts in 1080p, 1080l, and 720p in 4K HDTV. Receiver with full band coverage for DTV, VHF, and UHF. Use auto gain control technology for high-quality signal reception. Rotate your body 360 degrees. The United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and the rest of the world are all affected. You can get up to 200 local HDTV channels for $0 each month. The box comes with a photograph. Reach You'll need a range of up to 200 miles to obtain the Over Air Channels. You may view high-definition television without having to pay for cable or satellite.
The built-in all-directional camera with 360-degree rotation can let you reach a wider area. A novel method for fine-tuning the reception of high-quality signals has been developed. For all-directional search, the antenna may be turned 360 degrees, and the rotation button can be controlled with an emote. To receive the signal and deliver higher resolution, improved reflector panels are used. Use a stronger substance and a much greater size for a superior outside offer.

TV Outputs on Both Sides — 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 4K Full HDTV support | Receive free high-definition digital broadcast TV signals. Support several TVs without the use of a splitter. There is no need for a separate adaptor.

With a range of up to 200 miles, it offers high-definition HDTV channels, local news, sports programming, and weather. VHF 40-230MHz | UHF 470-860MHz are the operating frequencies.

Reflector elements can increase the image quality of UHF HDTV by 25% more than four elements. The signal is additionally stabilized by larger components.     

By pushing the button to spin the antenna. The operating range is up to 200 miles. This feature allows you to receive extra HDTV channels in addition to the ones you already have.

Made of high-quality plastic & aluminum material, durable and practical in daily use


Range: 200 miles
Color: Silver
Rotation: 360°
Power: 3W
Type: Hdtv Antenna
Power Supply: AC110V
Weight: 38.80oz / 1100g
Rotation Speed: 2-4 rounds/min
Material: Plastic & Aluminum


1 x Main Unit(Built-in Amplifier)
1x Mounting Pole
1 x Power Supply Box
1 x Remote-controlled Ware
1 x Instructions
1 x VHF Vibrator
1x Five Star Antenna

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