Automatic 24 Digital Chick Bird Egg Incubator Hatcher

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We highly suggest this Full Automatic Poultry Incubator with Egg Candler & Injector. This totally automatic is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is lightweight and durable. It has the capacity to incubate a total of 24 eggs at once, which is very convenient and efficient. It also has a display panel that shows the temperature and the time it takes to incubate. It also comes with an easy-to-use button panel. Quail, goose, chicken, duck, pigeon, sparrow, snake, turtle, and other animals can all benefit from this incubator.
The water intake design makes it simple to fill water. The purpose of the temperature display panel is to improve temperature control. For improved humidity control, there is a humidity display panel. To save time remembering or worrying about forgetting, use the hatching days display. The image-based button on the panel is simple to use. Electric leakage is not a problem with the external power connector. With minimal noise and power consumption, the inside fan can disperse heat uniformly. Separate sinks can help to limit vapor produced by accessories that have oxidized. For safe usage, it will automatically sound an alert if the humidity and temperature are greater than normal.

This Egg Incubator heats and cools quickly, and the inbuilt fan dissipates heat uniformly with minimal noise and power use. Separate sinks can assist reduce the amount of vapour produced during the oxidation process.

This hatching egg incubator is simple to operate. For improved temperature management, there is a temperature display panel. For improved humidity control, there's a humidity display panel. And there's a hatching days display screen to remind you.

This incubator is suitable for a variety of eggs, including chicken, duck, goose, and turkey eggs. It holds up to 24 eggs and is simple to clean.

The water intake design makes it simple to fill water. The image-based button on the panel is simple to use. Fully automated egg flipping to ensure the health of the embryo. For safe usage, it will also sound an alarm if the humidity and temperature are greater than normal. All of this enables effective monitoring and attentive attention.

This Egg Incubator heats and cools rapidly, and the interior fan uniformly dissipates heat with little noise and energy usage. Separate sinks can help to limit the amount of vapor generated by oxidation.


Color: Yellow & Transparent

Weight: 131.57oz / 1676g

Dimensions: (15.35 x 9.45 x 4.72)" / (39 x 24 x 12)

Temperature Range: 20℃ ~ 40℃

Voltage: AC 110V

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Power: 60W

Incubation Quantity: 24 pcs

Plug Type: US Standard



Egg Candler


US Standard Power Cord

User Manual

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