Powerful Ice Auger Power Bit Drill Unit for Hand Electric Ice Drilling 6"

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Powerful Ice Auger Power Bit Drill Unit for Hand Electric Ice Drilling 6"

The 6 Inch Ice Auger Power Drill Bit exemplifies our vision of a superior, one-size-fits-all product that meets and surpasses the demands of anglers. This power bit will exceed your expectations since it can easily be turned into a gas, propane, electric, or battery-powered ice auger. This Powerful 6" product has been shown to sustain the highest standards in drilling and durable ice fishing gear by a team of exceptionally devoted experts and fishermen and sportsmen in tough situations.

With the aid of your favorite DeWalt, Milwaukee, or other cordless drill and our two-stage drill adapter with a safety grip, you can simply turn the ice auger into a power unit. We're continuously exploring new methods to incorporate the most up-to-date features, materials, and construction techniques into our products. Developed incredible advancements in ice fishing gear, particularly Fishing Augers.


Most power-heads are compatible with the Power Auger Pistol Bit, which may also be used with a cordless drill and adaptor attachment.

This powerful auger perform really well and are ideal for ice fishing because to their steel structure. Chipper-style blades, in particular, cut through the ice rapidly, ensuring a flawless stroke.

This auger will not rust after only a few holes have been drilled, thanks to its powder coating cover, so you may go fishing and then drop your bit into your carrying bag without worrying about its condition.

These bent auger blades are so razor-sharp that they might easily sever your hand. By sliding the auger back and forth, you may remove the blade edge from the opposite side. Powerful blades are further protected by a plastic blade guard that comes standard.

This ice auger master bit guarantees that the ice hole is large enough to catch huge predatory fish while being lightweight and portable: the ideal combo!


Color: Orange

39-inch long steel auger

Up to 20mm take-off shaft diameter

The diameter of drilling: 6"


Ice Drill Auger