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Memory Card Included. These mini powerful GPS Tracking devices can be used to track Cars, Bikes, Trucks and many more transport vehicles. It aids in keeping an eye on your loved ones, automobiles, and priceless possessions. A magnetic GPS tracker can be useful in this situation. It is not only transportable but also conveniently attachable. Additionally, it enables you to covertly track someone in real-time. So, whether you're a worried parent or a wary spouse, you should look into this.

Gps Car trackers are useful for keeping tabs on your loved ones, automobiles, and possessions. However, if you don't set it down properly, they either disappear or suffer damage. Furthermore, you won't want this to occur. Why? since you have a substantial investment in this. So let's discuss how to properly attach them. GPS trackers are simple to install underneath your car. 

use a GPS tracker monitoring, tracking, recording sound, etc. Set up a variety of security, tracking, monitoring, and administration features, as well as emergency alarms. support for mobile phone remote control. Perfect for monitoring assets, automobiles, children, spouses, or elderly people.

All you need to use the automobile tracker is a functional SIM card (not included), after which you may track and map (using Google Maps) in real-time over the Internet.

When you dial the SIM card number, you can hear voices around the tracker without any light or sound, allowing you to monitor activities in the area stealthily and covertly.

Two powerful magnets with a high magnetic field are built inside the pet tracker. The small GPS can be placed on the metal plate and will automatically absorb. Additionally, it has an extremely concealable black shell.

Relay GPS Tracker
User Manual
16GB Memory Card