Kids Smart Watch Waterproof & Anti-lost

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It is convenient and safe for parents to be able to view, talk to, and listen to their children at any time. Ergonomic design with an adjustable silicone belt that is wide enough for children to comfortably wear. International regulations for radiation are lower than those for mobile phones, thus it has no effect on the human body.

Positioning, tracking, monitoring, phone book, intercom, watch alarm clock, security area, SOS emergency alert, low power alarm, weather forecast, remote shutdown, flashlight, games, shooting photographs, and so on are all available through the base station.

1. The smartwatch functioned as a telephone that required a 2G Micro-SIM card to unlock (Not included). As a result, you'll need to purchase a 2G Micro-SIM Card.
2. The GSM SIM card must support GPRS and have the Caller ID Display feature.
3. Before inserting the SIM Card, make sure the device is turned off.


The SOS Family, Contacts, and Telephone numbers areas of the APP are the only places where children can receive calls. One of them isn't STRANGER! (Kids can use the SOS or familiarity number button to contact you!)

Send this command if the watch is not nearby; the watch will begin to ring for 1 minute to help you locate it; push any button to stop the ringer.

This function enables you to have a voice conversation with your smartwatch and the app. You have the choice of sending a voice message using the app or viewing a recorded message sent to the phone's app!

The information will be delivered to the watch when you select the number of hearts on the app and press the determine button. You may examine the associated data through the APP.

The minimum fence radius is 500 meters; if the watch user walks out of range, your phone will be notified.

By selecting the period, you may do a path inquiry in your children's historical actions.

A: Message Alert
B: Low-voltage remind
C: SOS remind
If you set the telephone number in the APP's "SMS alerts setting", you will receive a message when occur the above 3 conditions.

1: If you miss your baby, you can listen to them without disturbing them.
2: You can remote controlled the smart watch power off via APP.
3: The kids can play the sample Mathematical games by the watch
4: The will be a LED flashlight for you when you are in the darkness.
5: You can remote control the camera by the app to see the kid's location.


Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Body Memory: 32MB+32MB

Applicable System: For Apple IOS, Android

Screen Size: 1.44"

Waterproof Level: IP67 Waterproof

Wireless Distance: Unlimited distance

Mode of Operation: Touch Screen + Button

Tracker Model: LBS base station tracker

Gsm Positioning Accuracy: 50-200mm

Speed Accuracy: 0.1m/s

Battery Capacity: 400mAh

SIM Card Type: Micro SIM Card (not included)


Kids Watch with Box (Without Sim Card)

User Manual

Charge Cable