Comfortable Portable Neck Massager Heat Pulse Vibration Relief Machine

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If you have an uncomfortable neck as a result of working long hours in front of a computer, a neck massager can help relieve the discomfort in your neck and shoulders. Whether you're concerned or just need to decompress, a neck massager can help you relax. Leaning your head forward for a lengthy amount of time is dangerous. The cervical spine will be strained, and blood flow will be reduced. This results in headaches and neck/shoulder discomfort.
Electric pulse massage stimulates and relaxes muscles concurrently, increases blood circulation, and relieves muscular tension by combining the relaxing concept of Western muscle fibers with the stimulus-response theory of Oriental meridians.

When utilizing Chinese Medicine Acupuncture mode, the tingling in the neck is caused by the user's skin is dry and the massager and neck not being completely fitted. To achieve a better massage experience, moisten the neck area with a damp cloth or cream before massaging it.
After installing the battery or charging, press the on button for 3 seconds to start the product, and press the on a button for 1 second to switch modes. There are six modes.
Each mode has a different frequency. You can press the +- button to adjust the intensity, a total of 9 intensity. You can also install cables and patch products


This neck massager creates an efficient composite energy field by combining low-frequency electronic pulse, magnetic effect, and warm compress technique for synchronized massaging. Massage immediately penetrates the deep tissue and bone marrow, making it simple to relax and unwind.

This clever neck massager may help with local blood circulation, muscle relaxation, edema reduction, and anti-inflammatory effects. Cervical weariness, shoulder arm numbness, headaches, and other fatigue symptoms are all addressed.

Neck Massager: Thanks to its portable and cordless design, you may use this transportable neck massager at your desk, on a flight, while watching TV, or after a long drive. Every day, a 15-minute neck vertebra stimulator is a great method for me to unwind and let my hair down.

Category: Neck Massager
Color: USB charging heating type white
Material: ABS
Use time: 80 minutes
Charging method: USB cable
Massage head number: 2
Product Size: 5.9*5.7*1.8in
Net Weight: 242g

Neck Massager
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