Safety Front Baby Kids Child Seat Bicycle Carrier with Handrail

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Bike touring the globe with your kid is a wonderful adventure. There aren't many things that compare to the sensation of wind rushing through your hair while the view changes every few minutes. The greatest bicycle seat for your child or infant will mostly depend on their age. Your youngster may be just starting out or an experienced explorer. This is the ideal front-seat chair carrier cycling bicycle for you in terms of safety and stability.


When the child gets older, the fence may be opened, making it easy for them to get in and out of the vehicle. The baby's height and age can be taken into account when adjusting the foot pedal. Babies of various ages like having foldable feet. Rear support that is thicker and more sturdy, made with original packaging that resists ageing, and has a longer shelf life.


It is quite safe to utilise the child bike seat that is front mounted. Children cannot mistakenly remove the special seat barrier, and the guardrail may be opened on one side to increase safety. Reduce your child's risk of harm. PLEASE WEAR A CHILDREN'S HELMET!

The cushions have been enlarged and thickened to improve comfort. Children are kept secure, comfortable, and free when riding on the child bike seat, which also protects their legs. It also includes non-slip handrails and pedals. A smooth ride is made possible by the child's shock-absorbing seat's soft, comfy cushioning as well as its sturdy outer shell.

Our child bike seat for adult bikes is constructed from premium components, including a leather cushion, stainless steel pipe, and soft armrests (Made of breathable sponge). safe and reliable to use.

For youngsters aged 8 months to 5 years old, this child bike seat was created and tested. Includes all accessories. The ideal fit and child safety are guaranteed by the cushioned 5-point harness. For a growing youngster, adjustable footrests and straps guarantee the ideal fit. Without Tools, Removal Is Simple.

Type: Child Bicycle Seat
Material: Steel bracket + Plastic+ PU cushion
Color: Gray + Yellow
Max weight of baby: 15kg
Net weight: 2.6kg
USA standard: 2 years

Baby Bicycle Chair
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