Electric Air Tyre Pump 120V OR 12V Inflator Compressor

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Voltage: 120V
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A power inflator should be kept in your garage, shed, or car trunk at all times. Your tyres are, without a question, the most important part of your vehicle. It could be detrimental to put them under undue stress. Whether you're topping off your Pirellis, going for a bike ride, or simply inflating a basketball, a power inflator will save you time.

This 120-Volt Inflator is for Vehicle tyres, bicycle tyres, air mattresses, and sports equipment may all be inflated. It has a strong, quiet, and quick direct-drive motor. The inflator has an analogue pressure gauge with a maximum pressure detection of 130 PSI that illuminates in the dark for easy viewing.

It connects to a typical household electrical socket and has a big power button for simple use. Tires, bicycle tyres, air beds, and sporting equipment may all be inflated. A 28-inch air hose is included. A 28-inch air hose is included. It connects to any regular 120-Volt outlet. The built-in handle makes it simple to transport.

This 12-Volt inflator is easy to carry and use, and it comes with a storage bag. Adapters for balls and rafts are supplied to satisfy almost all of your inflating needs. Use on the vehicle, motorcycle, and ATV tyres, as well as basketballs, soccer balls, and air mattresses. For on-the-go convenience, it plugs into a 12-Volt car outlet.

Equipped with 28 in. air hose
Equipped with 28 in. air hose
Plugs into a standard 120-Volt outlet
A built-in handle allows easy portability
The red power button makes it easy to operate
120V- 0.47 SCFM airflow at 30 PSI
Plugs into a 12-Volt vehicle outlet
12V - 0.35 SCFM airflow at 30 PSI

Maximum Pressure (psi): 130 PSI2
Power Type: Corded Electric
Product Weight (lb.): 4.38
Voltage (v): 120v/12V

12V OR 120 Volt Inflator
Household Power Cord
Quick-Connect Valve Adaptor
User Manual