DIY Printing Digital Golf Hat Cap Heat Press Machine

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Because it is equipped with a professional exact digital controller and an automated time controller, this excellent digital heat press provides remarkable and high precision. By using a die-casting aluminium heating plate as the material, its service life can be increased to 12,000 hours. They are very popular on the market because of their high performance, attractive design, and inexpensive price. They are unquestionably your best option!

This machine can transfer bright photographs and phrases onto a hat, making it ideal for making presents and decorations. The clamshell hat/baseball cap heat transfer press sublimation machine has a more precise digital controller and an automated timer. High-quality silicone sheets can withstand high temperatures, and heating boards are more secure and long-lasting. The curved element (5.5" x 3.5") enables excellent transfers onto a variety of hats and caps (the lower platen/pad is 6" x 3").

This stylish cap hat heat press is well-made. It is the most technologically advanced machine available. Because of its steel structure, this product is heavy-duty, exceedingly durable, and long-lasting.

The digital LCD timer may be set to the desired time, and an audio alert will ring when the timer expires. In addition, the digital LCD temperature control allows you to choose the desired temperature, and when that degree is achieved, the component stops heating.

For optimal printing transfer, the curved heating element is precisely transferred to all types of headwear and caps. The ergonomic foam parallel arm handle reduces handle blockage when turning the machine on and off.

On the cap heat press machine, a Clamshell design is employed. The space-saving design allows you plenty of work area while keeping your hands away from the hot components. The sleek design adjusts to numerous scenarios and locations.




Heating element: 5.5" x 3.5" (curved element)

Temperature range: 0-399°C (up to 750°F)

Timer control: adjustable from 0-999sec

Wattage: 600W rated

Power Input: 110V

Dimensions: 10"X16"X12"


Fully-assembled machine

Operating instructions