Anti-Aging Laser Plasma Pen Mole Removal Dark Spot Remover

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Skin tags, moles, freckles, blemishes, and warts may all be gotten rid of permanently. The most recent generation of nano-needle products is this one. Patented Technology has undergone dermatological testing to ensure user safety. Needles quickly create plasma with a high temperature when they are used to treat a blemish, spot, or skin tag. The gadget is intended to be portable and simple to operate at home.

In addition to the contact spot location shifting slightly, it can be seen that the melanin in electric acupuncture after zoom black fell off. If precipitation shallow spots, the area is lesser, and can a removal; if a larger area of pigmentation is deeper, it must be 2 or 3 times to deal with more appropriately. Pay attention to the hairdresser when using electric acupuncture treatment.

Press the (OUT) button repeatedly for two minutes to turn off the output device. If you need to keep working, release the (OUT) key and press it again.

When removing a mole, it's important to pay close attention to the length of the growth. Some moles only extend as far as the skin's top layer, while others have deep subcutaneous tissue roots that may be reached by using a needle. When wiping nutrition frost, one should be mindful of the wound with inflammation of the situation, if it is not wiped. If a mole is growing relatively deeply, one should also avoid inflammation after processing, and it is best to wait 2 to 3 days before applying a wound-healing nourishing cream coated with tiny living cells to prevent skin concave holes.

Generally speaking, when burning tattoos and tattoos, the area is larger, a larger needle is used, the procedure is basically the same as scanning a spot, the operation time may be a little longer, and the area is too large (more than 3 cm), so it should never be dealt with only once.

Type: Spot Removal Pen
Color: Silver / Pink
Material: ABS Plastic, Steel Needle
Output Voltage: 5V

Spot/Mole/Tattoo/Wart Removal Machine
USB cable
4 Needles Head Kit
10 Small needles Kit