Adjustable Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

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Adjustable Ergonomic Kneeling Chair 


Because it distributes your weight more evenly across your body than a regular chair, a classically styled kneeling chair supports a more ergonomic posture. The kneeling stool, which comes with a knee pad, allows you to support your body with your knees. This knee pad is comfortable to the touch and relieves any pressure placed on your knees by your body while you sit.This kneeling stool stimulates forward tilt in the pelvis to keep the lower back in the right posture while in use and places your body weight on your buttocks, not your lower back, alleviating imbalance and realigning your body with sustained usage. After establishing a solid foundation, the entire back is properly supported, reducing pressure in the spine and neck.

The ergonomic shape of the kneeling chair will maintain your back straight while equally dispersing your weight around your buttocks and legs. This will prevent weariness and pain from lengthy periods of sitting.

With its NEW pneumatic pump for improved height flexibility, you may adjust the kneeling chair to the size that is most comfortable for you.

Mould foam cushion on the Ergonomic Kneeling Chair. MOULD FOAM is far more comfortable for your buttocks and knees than recyclable or original foam, and it keeps you cool all day.

Changing from a reading chair to a meditation chair to a typing chair. Students, office employees, sedentary folks, and anyone with bad sitting posture will benefit from this product.


Color: Black

Material: PVC + Foam + Steel

Height Adjustable: 21-28"

Load Capacity: 265lbs

Cushion Dimension: 16.9 x 9.8"

Kneeler Dimension: 18.9 x 6.3-10.2"


Kneeling Office Chair

Install Kit