Powerful 3G LTE Band 5 Call Signal Booster Repeater Amplifier Kit 62dB 850MHz

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Get greater sound quality and fewer lost calls. You may share your enjoyable time with others via a decent audio call and not have to worry about the call being lost unexpectedly, as well as speedier uploads and downloads. Watching your favorite streaming TV episodes and movies is no longer hampered by sluggish internet connections or extended buffer periods. 

If your phone is an Android system, you can download an App called "LTE Discovery" to confirm the band and frequency.
If your phone is Apple system, please dial the NO. *3001#12345#* then click "Serving Cell Info" to check frequency and band.


Large coverage (up to 2500 sq ft), 50 simultaneous users, no dropped calls, ideal for home or business, no dropped calls again The booster simply boosts your existing signal to offer you more bars and keep your data rates fast as you surf the web or converse on the phone.

The signal booster repeater can receive the signal from the signal tower and then amplifies your mobile signal. This booster repeater can only enhance the signal; it cannot produce it. Before using this item, please ensure that your mobile phone has a signal of at least 2-3 bars outdoors; if there is just one bar or no signal in your location, this booster repeater will not operate in your phone.

C Certification: The booster is in compliance with the requirements of the standards applied. The test Standard is ICES-003. IC certification number: 22138-C980D. Hardware Version Identification Number(HVIN): PTE-C980D.

The booster operates on Uplink: 824-849 MHz, and Downlink: 869-894 MHz.

Frequency Range: 869--894MHz - 824--849MHz
Max Output Power: 22dBm - 20dBm
Max Gain: 62dB±2dB - 60dB±2dB
VSWR: <1:1.8
Noise figure: <6.0dB
Group Delay: <5us
Pass Band Ripple: 5.0dB p-p
Main Power: AC 100~240V / DC 5V 2A

62dB Dual Band Repeater
Indoor Right angle Antenna
Outdoor Yagi Antenna with 10 Meters (32.80 feet) Coaxial Cable
Screws for Mounting
AC Adapter
English User Manual