6-Player Complete Croquet Set with Case for Adults & Kids

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6-Player Complete Croquet Set with Case for Adults & Kids Back Yard Lawn Game

Many people consider croquet to be a relic of the past, so we decided to modernise it so that families and friends can once again enjoy it. Our mallets have a modern design and colour palette that distinguishes them from other vintage sets. The mallets and handles are made of hardwoods for maximum durability, and the handles are coated with leather for added comfort.
The handles are also 36/30 inches long, allowing players of all ages and sizes to utilize them without breaking their backs by leaning over. This is a complete set with six mallets, six balls, nine wickets, regulations, and a carrying bag to keep everything together.

So you don't have to build and dismantle the mallets every time you play croquet, this croquet set comes with an 800D heavy-duty big nylon travel bag.

This croquet set has everything you'll need for a thrilling game. The hardwood handle and mallet are simple to assemble; simply screw the handle into the mallet, which takes only a few seconds.

The handles are constructed of hardwood and are 36" long by 1" wide, while the mallets are made of Thailand Oakwood and measure 9.25" long by 2" wide; the polymer balls are 3.5" in diameter, and the hardwood stakes are 24" long.

The handle is constructed of hardwood and is 30" long by 0.85" wide, while the mallet is crafted in Thailand. Oakwood is 8.25" long and 1.875" in diameter; the polymer ball is 3" in diameter, and the hardwood stake is 24" long. It's suitable for both children and adults.

People of all ages and abilities will enjoy this game, which is suitable for 2-6 players. Perfect for family get-togethers, barbeques, picnics, family reunions, and other events.


Color: Multi-colored

Length: 36" - 30"

Diameter: 1" - 0.85"

Material: Hardwood


6 Hardwood mallets

6 croquet balls

9 White steel wickets

2 Hardwood stakes

Nylon carrying bag

Game rules