Portable Camping Travel Toilet For Outdoors

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There will likely be an uncomfortable situation if you are traveling or camping with your parents or children and there isn't a restroom nearby even if you need one. Be calm; this portable toilet may fix your issue adequately. It is ideal for lengthy trips or wild camping since it has an integrated 3.2-gallon clean water tank and a 5.3-gallon waste-holding tank.

A body built of a combination of PP, ABS, and PE that is properly sized may support a large weight up to 440 LBS. Additionally, the effective flush system with a pneumatic pump and splash-free nozzle, as well as the removable waste-holding tank for hands-free cleaning, may offer a very easy and hygienic experience.

A 5 gallon/20 L storage tank with a creative product design, sturdy ABS quality (excellent dimensional stability), and shiny surface that is pleasant, practical, and environmentally beneficial. This high-quality toilet has splash-free operation and discharges in addition to forceful flushing with less pumping.

Push-button operation is simple to operate. Anyone who dislikes using public restrooms or camping areas without public facilities would like this portable toilet. Camping, outdoor enjoyment, road vacations, older people who have trouble moving, and patients all benefit greatly from it.

Open the fresh water holding tank, add fresh water to the tank up to the neck and mouth, and then secure the cover. Remove the sliding valve before using. If required, depress the bellows pump a few times to rinse the bowl after the brush. For the next application, completely press the sliding valve to close it. Attention: Elderly or small children should only be used under the supervision of adults and healthy individuals.

Color: Gray
Material: PP, ABS, PE
Dimensions of Toilet Seat: 13.78"L x 13"W
Overall Dimensions: 15.75"L x 13.39"W x 16.14"H
Net weight: 10.36 LBS
Load Capacity:440 LBS
Water Tank Capacity: 3.2Gal
Waste Tank Capacity: 5.3Gal

3.2Gal/8L Water Tank
5.3Gal/20L Waste Tank
User Manual