30W Stainless Steel Insect Trap Restaurant Bug Zapper

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30W stainless steel mosquito catcher bug trap and zapper is perfect for usage in supermarkets, warehouses, office buildings, and other non-sensitive places. This insect zapper for indoors can protect up to 2000 square feet and is a stylish and inconspicuous addition to any company. Although it is not advised for use in food preparation facilities, it is an effective chemical-free treatment for entryways, loading docks, and other locations where pests are a concern.
This equipment controls insects in a 2000-square-foot area in your retail, warehouse, or workplace. Depending on the arrangement of your room, how often the door is opened, how much traffic the area receives, and the number of insects in the area, the coverage area may vary. Depending on how and where it is used, it has a maximum range of 10,000 feet.

Two strong 15W bulbs combine for 30W of zapping power in this electric insect zapper trap. This device will keep flies, moths, mosquitoes, and other pests at bay regardless of the size of your facility or the time of year.

This insect zapper includes a detachable collection pan for simple, mess-free bug disposal. This maintains your facility clean, hygienic, and pest-free by removing an unattractive buildup of insect remains on your floor or counter.

The detachable collecting tray not only makes this insect zapper easier to maintain but also serves as a safety precaution by preventing the device from being switched on until it is secured in place. When you drain the zapper's contents, this will keep you and your staff safe.

This space-saving bug zapper is ideal for confined spaces because it measures only 20" x 4 1/2" x 13". Its thin design allows you to simply place it on any wall, saving important space in your office.

Unlike regular bulbs, which need to be replaced every 12 months, the energy-saving bulbs in this insect zapper device only need to be replaced every 36 months. This implies that bulb replacements will be far less expensive and time-consuming.

Width: 20 Inches
Depth: 4 1/2 Inches
Height: 13 Inches
Hertz: 60 Hertz
Phase: 1 Phase
Voltage: 120 Volts
Wattage: 30 Watts
Color: Silver
Coverage Area: 2,000 Square Feet
Target Pest: Insects
Type: Zappers
Usage: Indoor

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