3 Speeds Remote Control 12V Electric Kids Truck

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3 Speeds Remote Control 12V Electric Vehicles Kids Ride On Truck Toys

With front and rear lights, realistic engine sounds, double doors, and other features, this kids' ride-on toy automobile is great for any gift-giving occasion. Children of both sexes will be entertained for hours. Parents can control both the vehicle and the manual operation of their children using the provided remote. Children may move the automobile forward and backward using the pedals and steering wheel, while their parents keep control of the vehicle and choose one of three speeds.
In this ride-on automobile, young drivers will enjoy racing into exciting off-road adventures. This car brings your child driver's fantasy to life with realistic features such as a unique grille, actual working doors, front and back fenders, and rear storage space, as well as gorgeous colors and a volume-adjustable horn with tunes.


This kid ride-on car has an easy-to-use dashboard that allows your child to freely control the speed and direction of the vehicle.

Parents can use the provided remote controller to drive the ride-on car, giving them entire control over the ride for safety concerns if the child is too young to ride it on his or her own.

LED lighting, shock absorption, battery indicator, easy starting, and speed adjustment are all included in the vehicle reproduction. This Truck's integrated control system, which includes light control, offers more entertainment features, making your child's driving experience more enjoyable. Your child will become the focus of attention because of the bright LED headlights.

The 12v electric ride-on car is available in five colours and is suitable for children ages 37 to 72 months. Because of the hyper-realistic designs of the front and rear lights, as well as the accessible double doors, the Riding Truck is guaranteed to provide your child with the best driving experience imaginable.

The seat belt adjusts for a secure and comfortable fit, and there's plenty of room to relax and play.


Color: Rose Red

Electric battery charger included

Loading capacity: 66.14 pounds

Battery: 12 volts/4.5 amp-hours

Material: Propylene plastic

Weight: 33.07 pounds

Age Level: 3 to 8 years old

Dimensions: 43.31 x 28.35 x 28.35 inches


12 Volt Electric

Instruction manual