Sectional Pipe Drain Cleaner Auger Machine 3/4" ~ 4"

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Sectional Pipe Drain Cleaner Auger Machine 3/4" ~ 4"

Professional electric sewage drain pipe cleaner is made of metal steel (not plastic) and can clean blocked pipelines with diameters ranging from 3/4" to 4" and drive up to 100FT of cable, it can use 3/8" and 5/8" cable, includes 6 cutting tool bits and 1 key, and 20m (5/8" cable with one male and one female connector)
It's tough and rust-resistant, with good toughness, high strength, and quick corrosion resistance, and it's made of manganese steel. It's especially useful when cornering. Copper wire motors are less likely to burn and provide high-speed operation efficiency due to their higher conductivity and low resistance. Toilets, washbasins, floor drains, kitchens, baths, and floor sewers are just a few examples of possible uses. It can be used in the home, the kitchen, the bathroom, and even the office. A plastic silver melt contact switch. It is easier to use, safer, and lasts longer for you.

2 Manganese steel core cables are rust-, corrosion-, and tangling-resistant. They can quickly clear jams from a variety of twisted pipes. The switch is used to modify the cable's rotating orientation.

3/4" - 4"/20-100 mm pipe is ideal. Prepare to be wowed by six distinct cutter shapes. The cutters are simply attached and detached thanks to the quick-change design. Multiple attachments have an important role in removing various obstructions.

The drain cleaning cable may be rotated more easily with the help of a 400W motor. Furthermore, because the copper wire motor has superior conductivity and less resistance, the cleaning procedure with this electric drain snake is more effective.

The sturdy construction of this drain cleaning machine has earned it a high reputation. Its service life is extended with a high-quality iron frame. For convenient travel, a portable handle is useful. It is capable of heavy lifting and can clear extensive stretches of sewage.

Sewers, floor drains, pipelines, bathrooms, and floor sewers all use this sewer machine. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to hire a plumber, you may clean the pipes yourself once you have this gadget.


Voltage: 110V / 50Hz

Input Power: 400W

Rotate Speed: 400 rpm

Pipe Cleaning Size: 3/4'' - 4'' / 20-100 mm

Cable (Snake) Size: 10' x 2/5" / 3m x 10mm

Cable (Snake) set: 66' x 2/3" / 20m x 16mm

Protection Class: IP44

CE Standard: Yes

Packing Size: 46x41x47 cm / 18"x16"x18.5"

Gross Weight: 39kg / 86lbs


Drain Pipe Cleaner

Cable holder

20M x 16mm Cable

3M x 10mm Cable


6 Cutting tool bits