Metal Basket Lawn and Garden Topdressing Rolling Yard Spreader

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This 24" Lawn and Garden Spreader helps create a lush, professional-looking yard by evenly distributing topdressing to maintain your lawn's health and appearance. The spreader is designed to apply a variety of topdressings, including manure, soil, compost, and more. With the huge barrel, you can seed and feed your lawn. The tumbling action breaks apart clumped material as you push it along, making it ideal for distributing peat moss or moist dirt.

The barrel includes a readily accessible hinge door that makes loading and distributing materials simple and clean. The barrel is kept shut during usage by locking clasps. Yard work is made easier by the comfortable grips. This Lawn and Garden Spreader can lay down several types of top dressings, allowing you to transform your yard into a lush, green vision of paradise.


Compost, manure, earth, and other top dressings are properly distributed by a 24-inch wide rolling lawn spreader to create a lush, professional-looking lawn.

The big mesh basket evenly distributes topdressing material, making it ideal for sowing and feeding your lawn.

The hinge door allows easy access to the basket interior for loading and cleaning; Locking clasps keep it closed while in use.

Tumbling action helps provide an even coat across your environment by breaking up clumped material in dirt and moss.

Color: Green
Barrel diameter: 16 inches
Barrel length: 24 inches
Weight: 24.20 pounds
Material: Metal

Rolling Yard Spreader