Outdoor Camping Shower 20L Portable Solar Heating Shower Bag Water Heater

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You won't have to stress about taking a shower when you're out in nature again if you have a Sportneer 5 Gallon Large Shower Bag. There is plenty of water in this solar shower bag to last for several showers. It is lightweight and small in size. The water in this shower bag is heated by the sun and solar panel so that you can take warm showers outside. The bag is sturdy and long-lasting, and it has a compact storage compartment for all of your shower essentials.

Simply place this up on a hook, tree, wall, or car to utilize it. Two pockets in the front net pocket can be utilized to store washables and carry-on items. Along with the shower bag, soap, shampoo, and other bathroom supplies can be stored in the pocket. The bag is sturdy and long-lasting. Its handle strap is strengthened by a rigid plastic tube so that it can be hung with one hand free on poles or tree branches.


Although camping is a lot of fun, don't you occasionally just want to take a shower? With this solar-powered camping shower pack, a rinse is only a few minutes away, negating the need to check into a hotel only to be washed up. When exposed to direct sunshine, this incredible technology boils water up to 40°C in 3 hours. You can use it to stay clean while camping, hunting, trekking, sailing, or engaging in any other outdoor activity wherever the sun shines.

This camping shower pack is constructed with quality materials to withstand repeated outdoor excursions and travel. It can withstand everything and heat up quickly because of the robust PVC components. It won't tear or snag if you hang it from a tree branch. It only requires positioning the front so that the Sportneer logo is towards the sun for the water to be heated.

Do you have a large group that requires showers? No issue. It has a capacity of 5 gallons (20 liters), which is more than enough for numerous showers. Your shower items are kept in the front pocket for enhanced convenience. Even the temperature of the shower is indicated on a temperature gauge (°C/°F) attached to the bag.

Material: PVC
Capacity: 5 gallon/20L
Product size:18.5x19.7inch
Product weight: 0.97pounds
Color: Army Green One Set

5 gallons(20L) Shower Bag
Hanging Strap
Plastic Tube
Shower Head
User manual