2-Stroke T Post Driver Pile Driver Garden Farm Fence Hammer Petrol Powered 900W

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This heavy-duty and simple-to-use 2-stroke Petrol Post Driver has a high-impact hammer action of 1200-2200BPM to quickly drive posts, stakes, or pegs into the ground, making it ideal for driving fence posts, signs, and tree stakes, among other things. Mainly used for fence piling, with a gasoline engine power output power pounding, it can drive steel pipes, wooden rods, and bamboo poles with a maximum post diameter of 70 mm, saving time and personnel.

Up to 65mm posts can be used with this adapter. Instead of pounding and bashing fence posts into the ground by hand, this compact and strong equipment features a 32.6 cc engine and two attachments: a jackhammer for breaking concrete, rock, and clay, and a chisel for carving wood or stone.


The heavy-duty, long-lasting design of a gas-powered T post driver heaped river benefits highway guardrails, agricultural fences, forestry seedlings, and other piling projects.

Because of the rubber-plastic sponge grip, the machine's bounce may be significantly minimised. Excellent cooling vents can be used for a long time and still function properly. This gasoline T post driver is adaptable and mobile enough to drive almost any vehicle.

Highway guardrails, farm fences, forestry seedlings, vineyard supports, vegetable planting, orchard supports, fence protection, and other piling projects are all possible. T post driver pile driver is a dependable heavy duty gas powered T post driver pile driver that is appropriate for professional or everyday household use.

A post pile driver's no-load speed can reach 8500 RPM. It's designed to finish a range of piling projects with a 2545 joule impact energy. Powerful core technology meets the most demanding demands.


Fuel Type: Gasoline/Petrol

Engineer Type: 36X32mm, Single Cylinder, 2 Stroke

Material: Aluminum

Engine Size: 32.6 cc

Maximum Power: 1.2 HP

Maximum Torque: 145 N.m / 5300r/min

Max Power and Speed: 900W/8500r/min

Maximum Post Diameter: 70 mm

Fuel Consumption Rate: ≤0.5L/h

Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.9L

Starter System: Hand Pull


1 Demolition Hammer

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