12V Wireless Steel Cable Electric Winch

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12V Wireless Steel Cable Electric Winch 


Our IP66 Waterproof high-powered, high-quality recovery solutions will come in handy when things get a little dicey. Water, mud, filth, and sand have no effect on its durable design. With an IP66 water and dust proof rating, this winch system is built to withstand the elements and give dependable recovery every time to safely return you home.

Each unit is equipped with Series Wound motors, which are more efficient at higher speeds and more stable than Permanent Magnet motors. Even better, our Recovery System has a 3-stage planetary gear train with a 265:1 gear ratio, providing for massive torque in such a tiny space.

1: Please carefully read the instructions and wire in accordance with them. Winches are electrical items that, if wired incorrectly, can create short circuits, heat, and smoke.
2: We recommend that you get an expert to install it. If there are any issues with the installation.

How to use
The winch will be damaged if it is used for longer than the specified duty cycle period. The Duty Cycle is the maximum amount of time a winch may operate at full capacity for 15 minutes without overheating.

For example, a winch with a 5% duty cycle at full load must be allowed to resend for at least 14 minutes, 15 seconds after every 45 seconds of continuous operation.


Pure copper motors offer a high magnetic inductive melting point, a high-temperature resistance, a high power, a safe working environment, and a high efficiency.

If your winch has a perfect relay, the overload protection is useless. The 500A relay is entirely insulated, long-lasting, and sturdy, so it won't damage your winch.

The true 3-Stage Planetary allows for difference, slowdown (growth), reversal, and other features. The employment of numerous sets of planetary wheel systems can provide a very high-speed ratio, allowing for coaxial deceleration (growth).

Our 13000lb is also equipped with a powerful wireless remote control. The new wireless remote control extends the range of the sent signal. Without impediments, the transmission range can reach up to 300 feet.


Weight: 79.36 lb. (36 kg.)

Gear train: 3 Stage Planetary

Fairlead: 4-Way Roller Fairlead

Battery: 12V DC Minimum 650 CCA

Motor: 4.5KW, Series Wound

Hook: 3/8″, Replaceable with Spring-loaded Safety Latch

Overall Dimensions(L X D X H): 23.6″ X 13.4″ X 9.8″ (600x340x250mm)

Steel cable: 9.5mm × 26m


Electric Winch 13000lbs 12V Complete Set