Portable Household Steam Cleaner With Attachments

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Are you looking for a multi-surface cleaner that you can take with you? Our chemical-free steam cleaner with 9-piece attachments is a good option. Dirt and stains can be removed off the floor, doors, windows, clothes, and automobile using steam at 284°F. It is possible to disinfect and sanitise these surfaces at the same time. This steam cleaner has three intelligent design aspects when it comes to safety.

To avoid heating an empty boiler, the machine will immediately cut the power supply, and the bottom bulb will turn off to signify that the heating is complete. When the tank's steam pressure is too high, the safety valve will automatically open and discharge pressure. When the steam cleaner is in operation, there is also a safety lock on the handle to safeguard your safety. For all of your cleaning needs, use this steam cleaner. It will be a great aid when it comes to cleaning your house on a daily basis.


To avoid overheating an empty tank, the machine will immediately disconnect the power source.
The water tank has a large capacity for long-term use and no need to add water again and again
When in use, the secure lock and safe cap on the top assure safety.
Some of the 9-piece accessories can be mixed to meet your specific needs.
Chemical-free surface cleaning with sterilisation and disinfection capabilities.
Boiler body made of aluminum alloy dies casting with the extra-thick inner wall.
This steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning floors, windows, sinks, toilets, and automobiles, among other things.

Color: Blue
Material: PP
Dimension of Body: 10.5”(L)×5.5”(W)×8.5”(H)
Capacity of Tank: 350ml
Optional capacity: 250ml
Warm-Up Time: 3 Minutes
Steam pressure: 3bar
Net Weight: 2.75lbs
Rating of Power Supply: 110V, 60Hz
Rated Power: 900W-1050W
Functioning temperature: 284°F
Temperature controller temperature: 275°F
Injected steam capacity: 28g/min
Power Cord Length: 10Ft

Steam Cleaner
9-piece Accessory Set